Saint Mary Walking Home-New Human Zine review

So what do we enjoy about this new The Venus Lyx track?

It crawls into existence on a dark wave, terror struck, clinging to some semblance of melody. We like it. It’s as if the track wanted you to listen to something else. It tempts you, invites you to sit in some decrepit chair and watch traffic roll by. What’s that guy singing about? Is that singing? It’s a story, it’s a mood, it’s probably been done before but it has a sway that grabs you. Where’s this oddity going? The vocals crack, it’s a mantra, they drag you around in a gravel pit whilst the music wanders around, floating, then smacking you in the face. Groove. It’s not dull this Saint Mary Walking home. The guitars screech agony, crawl on their belly and vomit licks. They don’t care if you like it. They love it. 

It ends on a laser quest defiance that’ll ruin your eyes, dump you at a bus stop in the middle of nowhere and have you thumbing for sense while you click play again on that infernal link. 

Listen here, or dont